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Big Steel Box

Finding a home, moving into a home and maintaining a home is something all of us have to do and think about to some degree. Sadly not everything works out all the time and things can happen. Whether your landlord is selling out from under you or, like a close friend of mine recently, could end up doing major emergency home repairs. Neither of these situations are ideal and both of them always result in a need for moving and storage help.

Now my good friend Tara from has helped me more times than I can count when it comes to my housing crisis and when she was faced with repairs that were destroying where she called home, I knew I needed to find a way to help. BigSteelBox was there to answer my call and drop absolutely everything within a 48 hour period and get a storage unit placed right at her house. This was a heaven send and I was so happy that they were so willing to help her when she needed it most.

Big Steel Box

BigSteelBox provides with you mobile storage options. You can get them to drop a unit off at your house to keep your items safe but on property during renovations. You can also get them to, once you have filled it, take it to a secure mobile storage facility while you are moving, 19048551_10154437829531793_794402961_opainting and getting settled into you new home. Or maybe you are doing something amazing like travelling an just putting your things in storage for the time you are away to save on a year of rent. OR maybe you need to move across country, they ship and can help you do that at a great price. BigSteelBox even has great portable office options for construction sites, schools and maybe a popup beach office project you have been wanting to spear head this summer. They can help!

Just like they dropped everything to help a friend of mine who just needed a break after a house disaster. No matter what you need them for they have you covered and will do with all the love. I can’t tell you enough how amazing they were to Tara when they showed up, fit the unit into a tight space, ensured everything was perfect and incredibly clean and ensured the safety of her items while inside. It was all done in moments which helped her save the time she needed. Every second counted and this was all done on the turn of a dime it was incredible.

It is so nice to see a company really care about its community and helping those around them. It meant so much to me to be able to return a favor to a friend right when she needed it. It was a partnership made in heaven and I couldn’t thank you enough.

Tell me how would BigSteelBox make your life easier?


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