Beat This Years Flu Season With A. Vogel

Flu Season

This year’s colds have been hitting our house like nobody’s business. It has been an upward battle since school started and we are in desperate need of a little help. Between all the stresses of life, school work and everything else our bodies all get run down. Especially when we are pushing ourselves too hard.

This mama is tired, tired of being sick and constantly caring for others who are sick. That is why I started trying to hunt down some all natural preventative care. At this point in my boys lives clearly just washing their hands isn’t doing the trick the way I wanted it to.

So on my wild hunt for a savior I found something that is perfect for lessening the effects of a cold; all while working with you to prevent them from happening to your kids in the first place. A. Vogel is going to be my secret weapon. Approved by Health Canada as a safe and effective remedy for children (2+) and young adults for both the prevention and treatment of colds and flu, Echinaforce® Junior is the ideal product to add to your back to school shopping list.

This year I am already tired of what is to come and this year’s flu season is supposed to be horrible. So make sure you are getting those flu shots this year for your whole family. We are even going to give you a chance to win your own flu protection pack from A. Vogel!

Flu Season

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What is in the pack?

1 Bio-Strath Elixir
1 Echinaforce JR
1 Aromaforce Lavender Essential Oil
1 Bio-Strath Teddy Bear

So enter to win and share with your friends and lets all cross our fingers we don’t catch the flu this year!



  1. I have been lucky so far this fall and avoided any illness. In the spring, a lung infection knocked me off my feet for over a month so I really hope to make it through the rest of the year unscathed.

  2. Actually this is the 1st time I have been sick this year with a flu/cold but it has been hanging on for 6 weeks now & hard to get rid of it.

    Thanks for the great chance

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