Only Baby Carrier You’ll Ever Want Or Need: Abiie

Baby Carrier
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Spring time is here and as a 25+ woman you know what that means. It is baby shower season and every month you seem to collect another invite to yet another baby shower. Finding gifts all of them will need you know will get used can be hard. But there are lots of great ideas out there but I think I have found the best thing on earth, a baby carrier that is way more than just a baby carrier and something that will grow along with your friend or family members child.

The brilliant Abiie from Huggs is one of the best most versatile carriers I have ever seen. With its beyond comfortable straps mom and dad will honestly have no issues carrying their little one around wherever they go. With its great weight distribution you wont have to worry about sore arms or shoulders. It is even adaptable to weather conditions to ensure your little one is keeping warm or staying cool.

Baby Carrier

This beyond incredible baby carrier can even be used in every different carrying fashion: Front-Inward; Front-Outward; Back Carry; and Hip Carry. Making it again huggs-strap-4-minone of the more versatile carriers I have seen on the market. It even has hip seat technology keeping your baby ergonomically seated in a healthy hip position (Frog-leg or M-position) which is ideal for your little one. This makes it even great for longer trips like great hikes with the family. 

Of course you can also use this carrier as a booster while you are out and it even has teething pads all over it perfect for your nibbly little baby who can’t seem to keep things out of their mouths. It is honestly perfection in a carrier and with so many more amazing features it will make the perfect gift for any baby shower, any friend and especially for yourself!

It even has great easy to access storage spots for mom and all the little things you need to have on hand: your phone, wallet, keys etc. This great carrier makes it simple for any parent and even comes in the perfect unisex colors so mom and dad are sharing the load with ease.

Abiie from Huggs is one the most revolutionary carriers I have ever found and it is going to be a great addition to your household and anyone else you might know. Help your friends and family carry their babies with ease and style and snag them one of these beauties they will be over the moon excited about it!

What does this baby carrier have that yours didn’t?!


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