Anne Geddes Baby Books Galore!

I have a very close friend who is currently expecting and I in full aunty mode.  Most of my family are all people I have chosen to be in my life since my own family is so small and she is one of those people that I look to as family.  So you can’t blame me when I go all out as she is the first one of my “family” to have a baby that is close enough for me to smother.

Being in full on aunty mode you can believe that I am always on the hunt for amazing little things to spoil her with.  Anne Geddes is one of the most admired baby photographers out there and when I heard that she has released some beautiful children’s books I was on that like white on rice.

IMG_8818The personalized baby journal is honestly one of the cutest little things for your little ones first years.  I really wish I had done something like this for my boys, perhaps one day I will in my own way.  I am just so happy to be able to get these things for the people I love who are on their way to becoming mothers.

Anne Geddes’s books are all just gorgeous and the stories are great for little ones to listen to and look at.  Bright colors and all about their favorite subjects, babies!   Little fairies, butterflies, snails and peas in pods you wont want to read anything else to the little one on the basis that the pictures are just too cute to not look at.

IMG_8822I mean how could you not want a book filled with adorable babies dressed up in variously adorably outfits and in super cute poses.

You can’t, why do you think I got all three for my girlfriend?!

When she saw them you can bet that her hormones when insane too.  Tears, screams and hugs the whole nine yards.  They were just the thing that she wanted to add to her baby’s bedroom.  I am just so excited to be an aunty!


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