American RV Adventures Made Easy

If you love photography, then you may be keen on portrait work or even landscapes. Many photographers look to combine the two when they take a vacation with their families. After all, who wouldn’t love a photo or their kids in front of Niagara Falls, or with the view from the Empire State Building! If you’re hoping to get some incredible landscape shots next time you’re on holiday, then an American road trip could be the ideal way to get them.

Of course, when you’re traveling thousands of miles with kids, you want a vehicle that will be comfortable. Many families choose an American RV because you can stop as often as you need to for those all important meal and comfort breaks. The kids can sleep comfortably, watch TV, do their homework or even help make the dinner. Best of all, it provides you the freedom to pick and choose your vacation itinerary. And it’s a great adventure for the kids!

You may be wondering how many different types of RV there are. What you should be looking for is something that suits your family. It’s a big purchase decision, so it needs to be right for you. If your kids are active, and you’re bringing the dog along, a shower would be essential. If you prefer using campsites and love being in a tent, you can get away with something much smaller. The next thing you need to consider is how much you want to bring along with you.


If you plan on getting some work done while you’re away, you might want to pick a vehicle with plenty of charging points. You can have built in wifi, and divided rooms for quiet. If you know the kids will need some space to play games and have fun, choose an option that allows you to fold or slide everything back during the day. If you love cooking, you’ll want a larger kitchenette with plenty of storage and hobs. Perhaps you’re looking for a good size bathroom, or you want a bigger bed? Knowing what you’re looking for can help you have a more comfortable time on the road.

It can be fun just to stick a pin in the map and make the most of the freedom a road trip can give you. However, when you have kids, life needs to be a bit more structured. You need to make sure there is something fun to do at every stop. After all, you’re heading out to take shoot some amazing photographs. Plan the journey to take in the most incredible landscapes you’re looking for. Consider the different activities you can do at each vista. And make sure you pack all you’ll need at each destination.

An RV adventure can be perfect for the budding photographer looking to make amazing pictures with his family. Different light quality, incredible views, and the fun of a road trip can offer your best vacation ever. The Grand Canyon, Yosemite National Park, and even Canada’s own Okanagan Valley could be your destination of choice this year.

Where would you runaway to on your American RV adventure??


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