imagesbybethany_ee0120I am Eschelle, the mother of Mumfection.com, as well as mom to two wonderfully wild little boys.  As cruel fate would have it they are exactly like myself and their father! Which gives us a run for our money on a daily basis – believe you me.

My Family Fun Facts!

~ My Boys are 10 and 8 and in school full time, giving me a new source of time so I can do amazing things!
~ Currently living in the beautiful city of Vancouver, B.C.
~ We are HUGE Minecraft, videogame, super hero, My Little Pony, Princess Loving, Disney obsessed Muggles that love all things nerdy.
~ Trying new things is always something we love to do, and we when we get to try them together it is a big BONUS!

“Blogging helped me as a young parent: showing me there are great people all over just like me and that they weren’t perfect either. Making them the truly amazing and unique people they are!” – Eschelle Westwood

What is “Mumfection”?

In creating the term “Mumfection” I wanted moms to know and remember we’re only human, we can’t always be completely perfect.  We are not Mary Poppins, we are our unique selves, with out own parenting styles. We create a perfection that works for us:

Mumfection: a mum’s form of perfection…

How can Mumfection.com help you?

~ We love to do product reviews, just email me
~ Have an event here in Vancouver?  We would be happy to attend and promote it!
~ Need promotional or marketing help, just email me and we can work together!
~ Twitter party help? I can do that too! (find more here)

Welcome to Mumfection

The Mother I Strive To Be

Conferences I have Attended:
Northern Voice 2012 (Attendee)
ShesConnected Toronto 2012 (Attendee)
Connecting Bloggers and Brands Vancouver 2013 (Ambassador & Speaker)
Northern Voice 2013 (Speaker)
Parent Bloggers Unite (Founder/Speaker/Host)
Digitally Yours – Monthly (Founder/Speaker/Host)
Wecapella Vol. 1 2014 (Team Member)


  1. Hi, Eschelle! I am a brand new blogger and I was directed to your site by a follow up email that you were helping Tanya with Blogelina on. I must say that I LOVE the look and the feel of your site! So, clean, organized and oh just right! I signed up thru email to follow you…I look forward to reading through your material and learning a thing or two!!

    Cheers and Happy Blogging! 🙂

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