A Love For 3D Younique Mascara

Mascara, something that all of us ladies have on hand in our bags.  Something that we always have a million of in our bathroom.  No more though.  I haven’t bought a new mascara in the longest time, I am no longer playing the guessing game of: “maybe I should try that new one…” while I go up and down the aisle of wall to wall makeup.

You want to know why??

Because a few years ago I discovered something.  I discovered Younique’s 3D Mascara and I never plan to go back.  There is no reason to, I mean look at the before and after here:

eyes_beforeafter_001You see what I mean??  It’s perfect.

With this two step mascara people usually get the wrong idea about it being complicated or time consuming.  Face it we don’t have enough time in the world and every second counts but it really isn’t that time consuming.  I even find that I can just use cover up, blush, mascara and walk out the door using my lashes as my eyes focal point NOT a shadow.  Which equals way more time for mom and way more time for you.  Plus way more lashes!

Here check out my 8AM tutorial video:

Again that is at 8AM!  8AM on a school day while getting myself and two kids ready.  Yeah, I told you it is simple to use.  If you are here in Vancouver I even have a great REP in my roster that I can hook you up with!  Lee-Anne is always happy to answer all your questions and loves to help you spoil yourself.

Check her out (link good for 7 days starting Jan 16th) for more information and to help you find the product you need.


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