mom's gym essentials

Going to the gym is a relatively new activity for me and it has taken a lot of getting used to and more prep work than I thought. After going for over two months and after lots of trial and error I think I have managed to get myself intoRead More →

self care

When you’re juggling work, motherhood, fatherhood, a social life, sleep, housework, eating healthily, and a hobby (if you have time) it’s so hard to make time for yourself. No matter your workload, the actual time is there, the issue arises when you have to allow yourself to have that timeRead More →

backyard trampolines

Are your kids holed up indoors, staring at screens? How do we temper a vital appreciation and literacy of technology with the need to get outside and be active? Backyard trampolines are one great way to draw the kids to the backyard, as well as encourage physical exercise. And today,Read More →

building your confidence

So you lack confidence – this is probably one of the most common problems within women (and men!). We often compare ourselves to other people who – in our eyes – look absolutely perfect. They have lovely hair, a beautiful smile, and a creative sense of style. But believe itRead More →