Chocolate is traditionally something that you get for moms on Mother’s Day. It is a stereotypical gift that all of us of course love and have grown to expect. With thousands of kinds of chocolate out there you can’t go wrong with providing it as a gift to your pickyRead More →

There are so many amazing food apps out there but there is one out there that really stands out from the rest: Skip the Dishes. This amazing little pocket miracle is my secret weapon for when I need anything, and when I say anything I mean it. I can legitRead More →

Today marks the last day that I will ever age. You heard me. Today is my twenty-ninth birthday and officially the last age I agree to turn. I am to be twenty-nine forever, and I hope it will be as marvelous as it sounds. So, in order to ring inRead More →

Life without tea would be a horrible thing. I am a huge lover of tea and I have my late mother to thank for that love. She was always fond of an amazing cup of tea at any time of day. A cup of tea could solve any of theRead More →