So the other day I let Eldest pick out his own clothes to buy online.  Needless to say he picked a Lightning McQueen shirt… and this shirt, since recieving it yesterday hasn’t left his body.  He refuses to take it off!! This is the only picture that I really haveRead More →

I have been meaning to show this to all of you for a while but haven’t found the time to do so until this moment.  Eldest is at the dr.s with his grandfather, Tinkerbell and youngest are awake, Tinkerbell colouring behind me and Alex resting since he seems to beRead More →

I wanted to share with you just how awesome my eldest is at helping to take care of his little brother.  Well i at leased wanted to share the latest way in which he helps.  He really enjoys to help feed him!  Isn’t that cute??  He amazes me by justRead More →

I remember when my eldest was a baby, and youngest wasn’t around.  I remember how sweet and little he was… how come when i see youngest i miss eldest at youngest size.  Did that make sense?? I long for when eldest was that size again, i miss him at thatRead More →

This blog is in response to my previous blog about my soon to be three year old’s birthday party!  Since then I have figured out the theme to the party and it will be pumpkins!  So since my little man has a big attachment to a certain blue blanket IRead More →