Yesterday was my eldest’s first day of school, we only had to go there for attendance BUT it was his first day.  Today he gets to go there for only a couple hours, they have this great “gradual” entry thing while they organized all the students into classes.  I willRead More →

This week has managed to zoom by in a frenzy of chaos.  I even had one extra kid for a couple days as a favor… of course they abused my good nature and I had to literally terminate them immediately at the door.  Mainly cause they didn’t listen to meRead More →

The other day we finally moved the kiddos into new beds!  Thanks to my in-laws who were nice enough to get them for us, we got a great deal and they work just GREAT!  Already got eldest over the fear of the top bunk too which is great, he hasRead More →

As most mothers trying to juggle two kids in one room, you hit those days/weeks/months where it is seemingly impossible to get them to sleep.  Then if they do fall asleep inevitably they wake up only hours later… I have been having this problem.  For I think the better partRead More →

This is a picture of my little man and I waiting for the movie The Lorax to begin.  As some of you may know from my tweets I was invited by the wonderful company “Seventh Generation,” to join them on “the Green carpet.”  We were so excited to be apartRead More →

I have noticed that I never write down the hilarious things that my children say or the what the children I care for say.  I always want to share them with you to show you just how much my sense of humor has clearly rubbed off on them.  You knowRead More →

This week I have not been blogging and it has been solely in preparation for rent, the new daycare calendar, newsletter and even photo editing the months photos.  I have been up to my eyeballs in work and I have been really pooped too just trying to rest.  I haveRead More →