Let’s be silly for a minute.  That is a phrase i wish would replace “let’s be serious for a minute.”  WHY??!!  Because it is WAY more fun and, granted, seriousness is needed sometimes but others you can just put it down and be silly!  So in light of being reallyRead More →

This whole post is honest and ONLY because I saw this and thought it was great.  I WAS NOT APPROACHED to do this.   I haven’t gotten to read any of your blogs today.  SORRY!!  I know I have been really bad about that lately but i have been findingRead More →

I know, I know… don’t even start.  Not last night, but the night before I pretty much got ZERO sleep… so yesterday i took an impromptu vacation day.  Is that so horrible??!?!  I honestly didn’t even look at the computer yesterday and every chance i got I dozed off onRead More →

When my mother passed away, my sister and I were lost, scared and cleaning up her things.  I have said in the past how my mother has managed to reach me from wherever she may be.  I KNOW she is watching me and that’s comforting.  I always get so upsetRead More →

Ironically that recipe was it… I found it right away and barely tried.  THEY ARE DELICIOUS!!! Best part, they didn’t need cream of tartar, no idea what that is but i’m not willing to buy it just for one cookie recipe ANYHOO!!!  If you are interested in the recipe pleaseRead More →

My mom used to make these cookies for me.  I would come to see her on weekends and there they would be bagged up for me to take home after i would visit her.  For those of you that don’t know my father had custody of me after i turnedRead More →

not that nice.. Alright you see those sad little things up there???  I harvested them for their bells and I threw them out.  They just weren’t doing it for me.  So i sat there thinking… how can I make ones that size look nicer…  Thinking… THEN BOOM!!  I will combineRead More →