Alright before i met hubby i had no idea there was a special way to prepare your Christmas tree before decorating it.  I have to admit they are right 🙁 poop… its agonizing leaving a tree up to “fall” and not being allowed to decorate it!! So unfair. You firstRead More →

I wanted to post this up so you all could see how much fun my eldest had with mommy and daddy making his gingerbread train!  You all were the reason he managed to get this, this year.  With our coupon it was only 4.00!!! AMAZING!!  Anyways here was are startingRead More →

I got a really good response on my last post about the traditions of Christmas and my families search for some.  So I figured it would be a great idea to write something up about some other “rituals” we all take part in during the Holidays.  Why is Christmas onRead More →

So this year for Christmas I wanted to focus on really starting up some solid Christmas traditions.  Every family has something different, something honestly unique.  I want that.  This year my in-laws managed to finally find us our pickle Christmas tree ornament.   When I had my first Christmas with myRead More →

My amazing friend Erin has done something for me with one of her other friends and one of my new friends, to help me this Christmas.  Like i have told them I can’t express to them or all of you the gratitude that I feel for you helping us.  IRead More →

So my cards are here and i’m plugging my way threw them all.  Currently I have a stack of 20+ cards…. can you imagine the postage on all these??!!  Especially now that they charge more for things that aren’t “letter sized” i’ve heard… Damn Canada post BS.  Luckily the majorityRead More →

I have had a pretty rough night tonight… after FINALLY paying our 1100.00 rent this the month, guess what, we needed more money.  Worst part is we needed it for the basics bread, milk, cheese, toilet paper, diapers for eldest etc etc… It makes me cry.  I look everywhere andRead More →