I remember when my eldest was a baby, and youngest wasn’t around.  I remember how sweet and little he was… how come when i see youngest i miss eldest at youngest size.  Did that make sense?? I long for when eldest was that size again, i miss him at thatRead More →

So as some of you know it has snowed up here.  Last night we had a crazy blizzard that even took out peoples electricity and covered the sky in a flashes of green light!! It was the strangest thing i had ever seen.  This morning, by the time i hadRead More →

Alright ladies i won a contest!  I never win, though i have known about this for a while i just got it in the mail yesterday!! HORAY!!! i have physical proof that, indeed, i can win something.  My hubby regularly hides his lotto tickets etc.. from me cause he knowsRead More →

Alright so today has been really off for me.  Puttered around cleaning, bloggin and dealing with a lot of vomit and diarrhea… anyone wanna switch places???  Oh yeah and lets not forget childish, short tempered hubby; just to make my day a little more wonderful right?!?!  So in light ofRead More →

Alright I am here.  I am blogging.   I thought that today i would focus on a family blog, it is Sunday after all, and I have noticed my blog doesn’t seem to have enough of my kids in it so i’ll be obnoxious for a little while.  Yes i willRead More →