Since health is one of my main goals, so I wanted to look into “superfoods” to see what sorts of things I should be eating MORE of.  To help ME (so please don’t take my advice over the advice of your doctors yadda yadda…) with some of the things IRead More →

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As a mom who doesn’t get out of the house much I find a good book a great way to kinda unwind, when I can make the time to do so of course.  Let’s face it I don’t HAVE time so I have to MAKE time… isn’t that always howRead More →

Eldest and Daddy love to play, as eldest calls, “race cars!”  Really its a war game.  Now I am not entirely sure how I feel about him playing this.  No hes not playing against anyone they just go into an empty server etc and ride around in helicopters and theRead More →

I wanted to share with you just how awesome my eldest is at helping to take care of his little brother.  Well i at leased wanted to share the latest way in which he helps.  He really enjoys to help feed him!  Isn’t that cute??  He amazes me by justRead More →