So last night was the big event and it was honestly incredible.  There were awesome speakers, makeup stations, hair stations, nail stations, eyebrow stations, professional photo stations the list goes on and again it was freaking awesome!!  Then to top everything off they sent all us top bloggers home withRead More →

So my party this weekend was wild, WILD people.  I had such a great time, spent too much money and LOVED my costume!  I have to share photos with you as it is the only way to really convey what happened that night lol. poison apple anyone?? my poison appleRead More →

Soo yesterday I went to a wedding It was lots of fun, since i’m so swamped this weekend with fathers day and the like I am just going to throw up a few pictures from the wedding last night! first dance. first dance. windows @ st. helen’s! loftus clan inRead More →

When I was little I remember going to this… foggy memories, but still some memories lol.  The smell of the smoke off the BBQ chicken from the Legion, or the amazing Italian sausage from Rockies.  We have such a large and diverse community it is amazing how every year thisRead More →