The kitchen is the heart of every family home, and when the time comes now and again to decorate our homes once more, the kitchen is one of the first places we think to upgrade and change. Today we are going to take a look at some of the kitchen features you can change or add to your kitchen this spring and summer which will make it look amazing no matter what your theme or colour scheme might be.

An island

When we look at kitchen showrooms and magazines, the one feature which always seems to stand out in a kitchen is an island. If you have the space in your room, it can be an amazing idea to create an island which you will be able to add things to and design in your own style. It will always be a great feature to have in this room of the house and you will also be able to bring some elements such as extra storage and a breakfast bar to it to vamp it up even further.

kitchen features

Hanging pans

If you’re happy and you know it hang your pans! One of the best ways that you can make an impression in your home this year is to hang your pans up and allow them to be displayed in the middle of your kitchen. This is one of the design ideas which can bring a real sense of country style to the space. If you don’t have the space to hang your pans in the middle of the room you can always think about making space on one of your walls instead. This way you’ll be able to show off those all important copper pans.

French doors

One of the best features you can bring into a kitchen is a method of linking the room to the garden. The kitchen is often situated at the back of the house and this is the room we walk through to reach the back garden. By linking these parts of the home together we can end up with a stunning result. You’ll end up with the perfect place to host parties in the summer and you’ll gain a huge chunk of light to the house.

Marble counters

There’s nothing which looks more stunning and elegant in the kitchen than a marble counter top and surfaces. Marble is a classy kind of stone which always looks expensive and luxurious, and by adding this into your home this year it will make your home feel like it is worth a lot more. Marble comes in all different colours so you’ll be able to stick to a classic white or black or even try something like a blue or orange tone.

Copper handles

The door handles of your kitchen cupboards are likely the last thing you will think about when you are trying to make changes to the room, but actually they can make a big difference to the room. Copper handles can be a great replacement for gold or silver handles as it can provide a more unique colour stamp for the home and it offsets many tones in a beautiful way. For example if you were to have copper door handles with indigo cupboards this could look elegant and stunning and will make your space feel classy and expensive.

kitchen features


One amazing way to bring some life to the kitchen as well as making it feel more exciting is to add a herb garden to the space. You can buy a hanging herb garden for the wall and place this in your kitchen so that you are able to grow your own garlic, basil, rosemary and more this year. A herb garden can be a really wonderful element to add to the kitchen and not only will it look great, but it will allow you to add fresh flavours to your food to elevate your every day meals.

A splash of colour

A splashback is a feature which most kitchen features have in them and it can be a handy feature to have in your home. A splashback in the kitchen can be a useful way to protect your walls against pesky tomato stains and it will also be a chance for you to add some colour to the home. You can use a colourful acrylic panel for your splashback and this will allow you to literally add a splash of colour to the kitchen this summer. Your kitchen can look stunning all year round and it will be a bit of fun too.

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