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The dining room is where families sit to eat together, people entertain guests with a warm meal and bond over food and chatter. The basic model of a dining room includes a dining table, a set of chairs and sideboards for cutlery and drink stations. However, this basic model can be worked upon to transform your dining room into an expansive affair. This way, people will not only enjoy the food they are eating, but the tastefully decorated surroundings will enliven their mood as well.

Here are tips to improve your dining room interior.

Judicial use of space

A dining room is more than just a table and chairs. Do not buy the largest size in the dining room table sets that you find. It is understandable that party sizes can be unpredictable and you may want to prepare for when you have a lot of guests. However, the dining room table sets should always be chosen relative to the size of the room itself. After arranging the furniture, there should be space left to scrape chairs and move around. For when you may need to add an extra seat, extendable dining tables are a great option. They can be stretched to suit more people and then reduced to their original size when extra space is not needed.

Get creative with walls

Whites and creams are the go-to paint colours for walls. It is true that white walls complement wood furniture very well. However, white walls are also very basic. You want to take risks when impressing guests with your choice in interior design. A feature wall is a great idea in this case. It can be lined with stripes, textured or fixed with a great wallpaper. The wall will stand out against the furniture and attract the attention of visitors. Have fun with your room and let your families personality shine through, create a colourful memories wall of a trip you all loved – something to add that bit of personal touch to your space.

Light up

Ever wonder why food looks so good at a restaurant? It’s all the lighting and presentation (not to undermine the chef’s efforts in any way!). Imagine having the same light equipment in your dining room. It will surely create an impressive environment for social engagements. Hence, look up industrial grade lights and choose what would go on with the rest of your interior. Often, rustic lamps and hanging lights brighten up a room while throwing a warm glow on the furniture. A statement chandelier can also attract attention to the ceiling and serve as a classy element for romantic dinners.

home decor
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Play around with the elements

It is essential in interior design to reflect your taste through your choices. Your dining room should be classy, but it should also be a representation of your personality. If you paint, you can frame your paintings and make an art wall. You can cut fresh flowers form the garden and make stunning centrepieces for a light lunch with friends. Arrange marble figurines and candlesticks around the room to add a different touch.

If you have a family heirloom, display it where everyone can see it. Do keep it out of reach in case it is fragile if there are children in the visiting party.

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