Easter Basket Toys

Easter is already this weekend and if you are like me you are totally and completely behind. Well, lucky for you I have a couple more great Easter Basket Toys that would be perfect for your little ones Easter basket this year. I know have shown you a couple great unicorn options – but these toys are great for any kid; unicorn lover or not. JAKKs Toys always has a super fun line up of toys and these are no exception to the rule.

Who’s Your Llama?!

($8.99 each – can be found at Toys R Us)

These hilarious little guys are always going to be a hit in your house. With a whole series of spitting, tongue-sticking and winking llama’s your kids are going to want to collect each and every last one. That is right each different class of llama actually does something different! Some will stick their tongues out at you if you suqeeze their heads like the one we got: the Trauma Llama and others will even wink like the: Royal Llama we got.

Every llama has their own unique look and accessories making them just that much more fun! If you manage to find yourself a spitting llama you can even bring them into the tub with you. Llamas are awesome and you can bring the awesome home with their little camper blind boxes that are the perfect size for helping to fill up those Easter baskets.

Jiggly Doos

($5.99 each – can be found at Toys R Us, Amazon and Walmart)

If your kids love squishy things then they are going to completely fall in love with this adorable line of Jiggly Doos that are not only super soft but are super cute and jiggly too! Coming in all kinds of different animal shapes and fun colors your kids will be begging for more. In fact you might just want a couple for your desk and work to help keep you company and keep you smiling throughout the day. Sometimes you just need a little break with something adorable to brighten up your day and get you going again. These would be perfect for your Easter basket, your kids collection at home or even for their desk or lockers at school!

Easter always comes at me like a huge surprise and I know that I am not the only one out there. So I hope that these cuties from JAKKs toys helps you create the perfect last minute easter basket!

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