Wonder Park Toys

If you haven’t had the time to head out and see Wonder Park with your kids yet you are definitely going to want to. It is such a great movie filled with love of fun characters and endless imagination. If you have gone you might have a few kids in the house that are now totally obsessed and want in on some of the toy action. Thankfully I have done my research and found out the deal with some of the great Wonder Park toys they are going out have out on the market.

Since Wonder park is all about a little girls incredible imagination you will notice a total toy theme to them. That toy theme translates perfectly into all kinds of things and I wanted to show off a couple of my favorites.

Wonder Park Toys

Their great stuffies are nice and big and filled with lots of hours of cuddling, bonus the chimps are even scented making them stand out from the rest for sure. But what toy line would be complete without blind boxes/bags and these great Funrise toys don’t disappoint. Not only can you collect all the different characters they even come in little carts you can put together and pull along!

With lots of great trading opportunities between friends they will be lots of fun to collect to your little ones. They might even be even be the perfect little addition to your kids Easter baskets this year. Nothing better than surprising them with toys from their latest favorite movie. I mean just check out all the different toys and fun you could have!

We totally fell in love with this movie and with these toys and we hope that you do too. Tell us what do you love about this awesome Wonder Park movie??

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