Easter is usually all about the bunnies, but this year why not make it all about the unicorns! I mean what more could an Easter basket need rather than a few unicorns to add a little splash of color… you know if you even need to add any color. This year I wanted to share something with you that will definitely brighten up any Easter basket you might be putting together because unicorns are the new Easter Bunny.

Cutie Cuff

These little beauties are completely adorable and I love them, my boys love them and your kids will love them. They are soft, cuddly and are hard to lose attached to your little ones wrists while they play. I even have to admit that these would be great if you are looking for a fluffy sensory toy. Something comforting that isn’t a full stuffed animal could really benefit some kids. These are way too cute not to stuff into your kids basket for this Easter. A great sensory friendly toy from Bulls i Toys!

Lil’ Flockers

Now if your kids love blind bags and boxes plus have a love for unicorns then these Lil’ Flockers are going to be just perfect. Each one comes with a cute fuzzy unicorn + collectible sticker. These are those great numbered collectible sticker book stickers you used to get way back in the day. The sticker in the one I opened I have to admit is already on my computer as we speak. I am completely in love with it, and I am totally limited edition. Another great little toy from Bulls i Toys!

Unicorn Subscription Boxes

Now if you want to go with something that lasts a little longer than just Easter you might want to check out a subscription box like this one I checked out in the past. It was filled with unicorn goodies and I absolutely loved it and so did the others that I passed things along too.

Tell me what do you love to put in your kids Easter basket?

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