I was recently given a chance to review an incredible subscription box that is ideal for any sophisticated elevated woman: the Canndora Fierce Founders box. In light of International Women’s Day this year they decided to create a box that was extra special in order to celebrate their woman made company. A company made by woman that caters to a very specific and awesome niche of woman. Now because this box is really special, along with the women behind it, I knew that I had to take a chance to interview them a little bit about who they are and who they want to be!

These women are really something else and they are doing everything they can to provide high end products for women who want/need to discretely care for their needs. Something that is so important to women in business and mothers – we love style and discretion and these women know how to deliver both through each of their boxes. So let’s hear from these incredible women and what they have to say about their great boxes.


Q: Being a business comprised of women what was your biggest focus for your subscription boxes?

A: We wanted our curated editions to really speak to women that wanted beautiful accessories and quality that lived up to an elevated lifestyle. Discretion was a big focus as we launched pre-legalization and many women hadn’t yet emerged green but still had the want for beautiful cannabis related items shipped to them.

Q: What are some of your bigger business goals for Canndora?

A: Canndora is bringing the next level of cannabis accessory shopping to We will offer an expanded variety of items in the coming months and highlighting our own Canndora line. It’s going to be exciting!  

Q. What do you hope to change about how women enjoy cannabis?

A. So many women who are interested in Cannabis and use cannabis do so privately. We want to open up the cannabis closet and help women emerge green. Women speaking openly about cannabis not only allows them to feel a sense of community but it also opens the door for women who are canna-curious to see themselves represented and ask questions they may have about cannabis is a safe environment and with people they can relate to.

Q. When you choose products, what are the most important qualities you look for in each?

A. We look for fun, functional, beautiful products that women will be excited and proud to use. It’s also great if the products are Canadian and founded by women, which the products in the Founders Edition Spring box are!

Q. What is one thing you hope customers will take away from your brand?

A. We want all our customers to love the Canndora experience. Our customers, new and returning have said time and again, they love having somewhere to shop and feel like someone is listening to their needs. We’re here for you and we work hard to curate the best and offer value behind our content and customer service.  

Q. What is one thing you wished all new customers knew about your brand?

A. We would like all our new customers to know that they can come as they are and they’ll still be embraced by us and our community. We know everyone is at different stages in their cannabis journey and Canndora is a judgement free zone. If you need tips on buying your first vape or you need to know what a vape is we can help with that.

Now let’s take a look at exactly what was inside the Canndora Club Fierce Founders box that is over $150 value. I was so excited to finally get my box and all the goodies I could barely wait for the mailman to get to my door and you will know exactly why when I tell you about all the goodies inside.

Shatterizer – the big ticket item in the Fierce Founders box that I know you are going to just love. It is a great portable vaporizer pen that looks slick and works beautifully. This little pen is a Canadian design that is ideal for an extra smooth inhale and exhale – which is great for users who may just be starting their journey with cannabis. This little beauty also boasts an incredible battery life of up to 40 hours which will make this a great addition for your upcoming travel plans this Spring and Summer. With multiple temperature settings on this pen you can also easily control your intake as well which is another great feature of this easy to use pen. Overall a great pen that can be used with a few different cannabis concentrates that you prefer.

Earth Kisses Sky Pain & Inflammation Skin Salve – for those of us with aches and pains this is a great way to help you with some additional pain management. A simple and ready to infuse pain salve that you can very easily add your own tincture to, which means this is a totally customizable pain cream in terms of strength. So when you have those awful aches and pains you can rub this salve on those sore muscles and get some actual relief. The only thing you have to do is add in your own tincture, mix and away you go!

Soak Life Bath Goods Pinene + Hemp Bubble Bath – In case you needed a little more help relaxing they have also added in this amazing bubble bath. This bubble bath is filled with great aromatic terpenes (basically scent extracts from the plant no THC or CBD in the product) that really give off a beautiful bud smell any connoisseur would love. It also leaves your skin so soft and feeling amazing which is perfect after a long hard day of breaking glass ceilings or chasing kids all day. A woman’s work is never done, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make time to relax and these products do exactly that.

Canndora Darlings Pre-rolls – Now if you are looking to style up your session with a few girlfriends, or just want to have an extra special session alone before a nice bubble bath soak then these beautiful pre-rolls are a great idea. Already shaped and ready for filling these are easy to deal with and simple to enjoy. Each one you can fill with about a gram of cannabis which is a great amount for sharing with others. It is a great way to start off a high tea with your gal pals in the best way possible and they look totally gorgeous.

 This box really sets itself apart from the rest being all women, all Canadian and fearlessly feminist. It is a great idea for those beautiful elevated women in your life if you are looking for that special gift idea, and it is a great option for treating yourself to something special. I mean who says you can’t buy yourself an incredible gift am I right?

So check out how you can get your hands on one of these boxes HERE


  1. I love that everything is pretty! Great review Eschelle!

  2. The product looks great! 🙂 Still… I would love it more if it has some CDB in it 😉 But packaging is perfect (and contents as well of course)

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