It’s a beautiful thing to own and maintain a home. Some might say that the home you raise your family in is, in some way, a character also connected to your family. Homes have character, and this only develops over the years. It’s important to take care of our homes as they take care of us, giving us a warm place to stay and craft memories with our nearest and dearest. But Home Maintenance is much more than simply fixing a repair issue when it occurs, or ensuring the place is clean and tidy. A house cannot be a home without those two efforts, but it’s also important to consider the long-term developments that might influence your home space.

Namely, the maintenance tasks you should commit to with regularity each and every year. These are the matters you can always put off until ‘tomorrow,’ which can sometimes lead to years without them being taken care of. For that reason, we’re going to label them as tri-annual home maintenance matters to inspect, and hope that penciling in specific dates for these tasks can help you keep up with your home duties with ease.

Things you will want to consider:

Deep Clean

It’s often a cultural norm for the ‘spring cleaning’ activity to deeply clean the home at the start of each new year. It’s not hard to see why this is the case. A new, fresh year often begets a clean, fresh house. It’s amazing just how the depth of a clean can help a home seem brand new, and this often has a tangible impact on our minds and how we feel on a daily basis, all for the better. But if possible, it can be worth doing this deep clean at least three times a year, perhaps following the seasons. The more you clean in this way, the less you have to scrub, scrape and dust certain elements of the house, as you’ll be keeping up with it well. Also, you’ll be able to replicate that refreshed mental feeling, which is absolutely worth placing effort towards.

Clean Every Area of Your Home
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Pest Control

Pest control is important to steward in your home, even if you don’t think you live in an environment worth of that. If you’re in a city environment, you could be close to rats, but other pests can often come with frequency if you’re not careful to apply preventing toxins, poisons or other firms of deterrents in the small areas of your home. It’s important to find a competent pest control service, as they can inspect your property and show you methods of preventing an infestation that might often lead to reduced hygiene and a dangerous environment for your children. You won’t need to hire these professionals three times a year, but simply implement their advice that frequently to keep the preventing materials fresh. Don’t let an actual infestation be the first sign that something is wrong.

With these tips, you’re sure to apply the correct home maintenance options.

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