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If you don’t already know me then you don’t know that I have mane. Where many women have long flowing locks of well maintained hair mine has a more beast like mane quality to it. Though I have grown to love my crazy 80s hair – it has definitely taken time to get used to. Of course since once I had kids it made a whole bunch of fun new changes, most of which involved it becoming more dry and finicky much like my skin. Since I have created such a great relationship with Chatters Hair Salon over the years I knew that I could enlist their help during my hair hardest season: Winter.

Winter is the most unforgiving season for my already angry and wild hair. Much like a lion you can definitely hear it roar when it is in a bad mood… so I needed the help to keep it tame and happy all season long. There were three things that they suggested I try and they sent them my way to see if they would do the trick!

Chatters Hair Salon

AG Moisture Mask

This deep moisturizing mask is incredible, I have never felt my hair be so smooth and silky right away. It gives me back my pre-baby hair and that is an amazing feeling. Of course using a deep conditioning mask like this can sometimes make your hair a flatter than usual so pairing is with some of their great volumizing products is your best bet for the best look possible! My crazy wire brush of a mane was feeling so good after using this that I want to use it daily – of course that would be totally unnecessary. Using this cream in your hair overnight gives your hair exactly what it was begging for, especially after a harsh cold day.

DevaCurl Wave Maker

Now they knew the AG might not give me the same lift I want so Chatters Hair Salon snagged me a bottle of this DevaCurl wave maker to add both texture and volume to my hair. Giving me a silky smooth feel without loosing any of my 80s greatness. For me, I love how big my hair can be, but what I don’t like is its unruly temperament and wirey feel. These manage to do the trick!

DevaCurl Devatowel

Of course one of my hairs issues is that I honestly am not sure what I am doing, I have never been taught how to care for my curls properly. Apparently I have been drying my hair wrong for YEARS using towels that will only promote damage, split ends and frizzy messes. There is a towel though that can solve all our issues and it actually does do wonders. I have never seen my curls look so nice after minimal effort and my hubby is loving my lack of frizz.

These great products from Chatters Hair Salon has really changed the life of my curls – I am totally in love with them all over again!

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