Need something fun to add to your kids Christmas list this year? Or maybe you have nieces and nephews on your list that you need to check off your list and you have no idea what to get them. This little yakbot could be just what you need to fill up their basket of goodies. This little robot is pretty neat, comes in all colors and is a source of endless  fun and even mischief!
These little robots are a bunch of fun, they can record your voice warp it helping you prank your friends AND it even answers all your silly questions. After all its motto is that is has an answer for everything.

If you have a kid who asks more than a million questions a day this might just be a heaven send for you. 

This little dude will talk forever and will have no trouble keeping up with your kids and their endless chatter hopefully giving you a little peace. Or maybe it will just add to your madness – there are so many fun things you can do to alter your voice with this little buddy. In fact check out all this fun stuff this guy does with this little guy:

Your kids, nieces and nephews will all love playing with these yakbot robots, maybe even you will get to play a funny prank or two on your kids with one of these!

What kind of robot toys do your kids love to play with?

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