Hempz Products From Chatters

Today is the day folks, up here in Canada Marijuana is finally legalized and so many Canadians out there are celebrating today, not just for smokeables but for the hemp industry itself. Including the soon to be booming future of Hempz Products From Chatters as they will be seen more and more out and about and for a great reason. Hemp products are a great way to pamper your body when it comes to self care, something not many of you would think – but it is true.

As I have shared before about other great Hempz Products From Chatters they are great for dealing with sensitive, and extra dry skin which is a huge benefit to so many moms I know who suffer from one skin condition to another. Recently Chatters sent me a whole bunch of new amazing products perfect for pampering that over worked skin lots of us moms have.

Hempz Products From ChattersHempz Blueberry Lavender & Camomile Herbal Relaxing Bath Salts

This little package is going to make the end of any day one of the most relaxing on earth. With the soothing camomile easing your skin and lavender easing your mind you’ll be taken away on a calm and hydrating journey. So make sure to lock the door so the kids can’t get you and bring a little chocolate to enjoy as an extra special treat on top of this luxurious soak.

Hempz Original Sugar Body Scrub 

Is perfect for exfoliating your entire body as you relax in your hot bath water. Making sure to scrub away all your days stresses and reveal new beautiful skin that just begs to be touched. Enriched with hemp seed oil this will not only scrub the day away but will make sure to leave your skin hydrated and well moisturized.

Hempz Limited Edition Cinnamon Sugar & Vanilla Butter Créme Moisturizer 

An amazing way to finish off a long and well deserved soak in the tub is to spoil your skin with this amazing limited edition moisturizer. The scent will blow you away and remind you of all the delicious things you love about Fall and none of the pumpkin spice. It leaves your skin feeling great and not at all slimy which is a big thing for me when it comes to moisturizers.

Hempz Sensitive Skin Soothing Herbal Body Balm

This might look a little more like a deodorant stick but it is way more magical than that. This is my end all and solve all skin issues balm, as it will take care of any dry skin on my body in no time. It is honestly magic and one of my new favorite things especially with my super sensitive skin. This beauty has solved my rough elbow issues in less than two applications and I am totally in love with it and its results. Definitely a must try!

Hempz Products From Chatters

So the next time you are looking for some incredible products that will always be there when you need a little TLC at home – definitely try these out. May legalization help these Hempz Products From Chatters line boom even more!

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