Fan Expo Vancouver

If you know anything about me at all you know that I love Fan Expo Vancouver and every year my family and I love the opportunity to go and enjoy it as media VIPs. This year is no different and this year it starts TODAY, that’s right as you are reading this Fan Expo is buzzing with life and getting ready for their 4pm opening and that is so exciting.

Every year Fan Expo Vancouver brings amazing things for all fans to check out – no matter what you are into there is something there for you and this year is no different. With amazing artists to check out and talk to, great vendors filled with goodies you wont want to miss out on, celebrity photo ops, celebrity Q&As, Contests, Cosplayers, voice actors, famous youtubers and so much more!

Like I said there is something for everyone.

Just check out some of the amazing stuff we have found in past years at Fan Expo:

Not only is this event for adults, you can bring your kids too and this year you can dress them up in their Halloween costumes to get a little bit more use out of your purchase. My boys love going, especially my youngest who is always happy to be in a photo for me or even help me out with celebrity interviews like he did last year! Of course he has always been a huge fan of all the shopping he gets to do too, I mean what kid doesn’t love shopping in the best place on earth for everything geekery.

We hope that this year will mean even more fun, finding even more goodies and of course getting a chance to check out some of the amazing activities they have planned. Maybe we will even get lucky and will get the check to interview another celebrity this year!

What would you want to check out this year at Fan Expo Vancouver?

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