Summer Energy Levels

**This Summer Energy Levels post has been sponsored by AdvoCare Spark®, all opinions expressed are 100% my own**

It is starting to get cooler and cooler and if you are anything like me when things start to cool off I start to get cozy and albeit; slow. My energy levels are noticeably lower in a lovely let’s-all-wear-sweaters-and-eat-soup-from-mugs kind of way, but that does affect my productivity for sure. I have lost those precious Summer energy levels. Usually you will see me knee deep in tea or coffee in the morning – dehydration making me slightly loopy and still mentally exhausted.

I needed to find something better that would give me a real jump for the day. 

So when AdvoCare Spark® came knocking on my inbox and asked for me to give them a try and that they might just be what I was looking for to help keep my Summer energy levels, I took them up on the offer. Can’t hurt to give something a try and I was pleased with what I tasted.

Summer Energy LevelsThese flavored drink packets are perfect for moms on the go, you can easily slip one into your purse for later in the afternoon when your energy always starts to dip again. They are perfect – especially since they are packed with some great vitamins and minerals. This sets them aside from other energy drinks out there, when they focused first on nutrients and second on the energy boost making a perfect combination to keep you going for longer when you really need it.

A perfect way to enhance your morning water to get you going and maybe even inspire that workout routine. Keeping you hydrated and ready to go for whatever the day might end up throwing at you and as moms we know it can toss a lot of crazy our way.

With the added vitamins and minerals added help us moms not only boost our energy and make us feel good, they also help with our mental ability. I always have a brain fog these days after years of lost sleep and, what I like to call, the “mum-dumbs” the never being able to remember anything moments that happen more and more often.

These AdvoCare Spark mixes definitely help and there is definitely a flavour that you are going to love, to be honest my favorites were the classic mandarin orange, blue raspberry and lastly the fruit punch. My hubby’s favorite was the mango strawberry and grape. Everyone is different and they know that which is why they have a great flavor selection just for you.

Tell me do you have any secret ways to keep those Summer energy levels all year round?

If you want to learn more about AdvoCare products and the science behind them, visit their website.

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