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For those of you who know me in person, and who have also met my mane, may think it strange that I would react for any volumizing product. But you would be wrong, my hair may be a little crazy but it is thinner than it leads on and from time to time that means it needs a little help. Puff Me hair products are giving me that bit of help these days and trust me they’ve excelled expectations.

Chatters was so kind to pass me some of the new Puff Me hair products to test out. A month or so ago we did get a little taste of one of their volumizing powder mists but this was a whole bunch of amazing stuff I couldn’t wait to try.

puff me hair products

Puff.Me Shampoo and Conditioner was the first up in my testing line up with their adorable matching pink and white bottles they were already off to a great start. Once reading further I discovered that the whole product itself is a vegan formula which is great for those of us who are animal conscious.

Dry.Me Powder was a massive help once I got out of the shower, not something I have ever heard of before, this spray will help dry your hair in half the time! Making blow drying your hair that much faster which means less overheating for your hair. It also gets bonus points for helping me control my frizz, something I have a lot of with my 80s curly hair.

Hold.Me hair spray kept everything together and in place with its signature Puff.Me scent that I just love. Best part about this hair spray is its adjustable nozzle. You can select what kind of hold you want your hair to have making this one of the most adaptable hairsprays I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. My hair has met it’s fair share of hair sprays and this is definitely my new favorite.

Chatters has something for everyone whether you are a mom just trying to get by, or you desperately need some foot pampering; they have you covered.

When was the last time you added a little volume to your hair?!

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