The time has almost come, that time of year that always comes way too fast and seemingly without any warning – back to school time. This whirlwind of time and chaos leaves most of us moms with unkept hair and running to school drop off with mismatched shoes, heck slippers even. We are all over the place and our zombie summer brained kids are of no help when it comes to getting their stuff in gear and on time. It is a period of at least two weeks of panic, time blurs, big grocery bills and no sleep. It is a period of time where us moms really need a back to school mom survival kit.

Thankfully Chatters knew that I was going to need a little extra help getting myself and my kids in gear, especially after the wedding recovery. The good people at Chatters knew that me, and many moms like me are going to be starting the back to school stuff this year way behind. They also didn’t want me to forget me in the process, I might not have all the supplies within the first week but at least I will look pretty well put together those first few days and this is how I will do it!

Back to School Mom Survival KitThere are a few essentials that every mom needs to make it through her long week of back to school chaos and this back to school mom survival kit is exactly what you need to make it through.

Pureology Colour Fanatic Treatment Masque

This great hair masque is exactly what you need after a summer of hair highlights and too much gorgeous sunshine. Made to strengthen and repair damaged hair it is great if you have been working your hair pretty hard this summer. In fact for all of that September sunshine coming up this masque has a brilliant UV protection and split end repair put in it to bring your hair back to life and ready for the cold weather coming just around the corner.

Body Drench Sheet Mask

After lots of Summer sun it is time to bring back your glow again and one of the most soothing ways to do that is with a great at home face mask and some trashy TV. This face mask contains vitamin C helping to improve your skin tone and overall texture, something I am always fighting with my skin about. With the added white tea your skin will be left feeling so smooth and with the boost of blueberries your skin will be protected. It is a great mask and perfect to help you stop and catch your breathe in between bath times.

Design Me Puff.Me

This is a game changer, for the first time ever you can get a volumizing powder spray in a pump. This great little pink friend of mine gives me that 80s volume my crazy curls crave and it does it without any odor and totally mess free. Way better than the usual baby powder like shaker bottles I am used to with my other volumizer powders.

LeChat Mood Nail Polish

If you are looking for a quick way to boost your like and FAST then a nice coat of great nail polish is one of the perfect ways to do that. This great polish isn’t just one colour either, it is an amazing colour changing nail polish! It will change based on temperature changes from a purple to a lovely pinky white when it gets warm. A great polish that glides on well, dries pretty quickly and survives doing the dishes for a few days – important feature for us moms.

(re) Fresh Sweet Vanilla Dry Shampoo

For those mornings when you would rather sleep in for 20 minutes rather than take a shower first thing in the morning, you will need this in your corner. The amazing sweet vanilla dry shampoo is exactly what you need on those days where you are faking it till you make it. No one is perfect but we can all work on the illusion when it comes to school drop off and this little friend will help you.

Nothing will stop you in this first week back to school if you have some of these beauties in your corner!


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