Knowing that your mom or dad is coming to the end of their life cycle is a truly difficult time. Nonetheless, staying strong for them (as well as your kids) is imperative. Supporting Parents Through Their Final Years: It can all feel a little overwhelming, both physically and emotionally, but you don’t have to fight the battle alone.

Surrounding yourself with a supportive network is a pivotal step as you prepare for one of the most difficult journeys ahead. Here are just three helping hands you should grab onto.


First and foremost, you want to know that your parent(s) will be in a comfortable position. Whether they have weeks, months, or years to live, providing them with the best surroundings should be top of the agenda.

Choosing an end of life care plan guarantees that they receive the right pain relief, daily treatments, and support. This will make the hardest part of life feel less scary. When coupled with your presence and the continued commitment to create fond memories, the smiles will stay.

Aside from providing the best outcome for your parent(s), it will put your mind at rest too. This in itself can be hugely rewarding.

Other Families 

It may feel like you’re the only family going through this difficult moment. In reality, though, millions of others are in the same boat as we speak. In a strange way, this can be a very comforting factor.

There are plenty of online communities for people to discuss their fears and find tips on how to make their parents happier in those final days. This unity can work wonders for your emotional well-being and will provide the strength you need to carry on.

For every person that supports you, it’s likely that you’ll have supported another too. This can be a positive even at a very difficult time.

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Funeral Directors 

Nobody wants to think about death, and your main focus will be on making the most of every moment you have left with your loved one. Nonetheless, the inevitable is approaching, which is why thinking about the funeral is essential.

If your mom or dad may already have the costs covered by an insurance package. Whether they do or don’t, making a rough calculation of costs is important. After all, those financial worries are the last thing you’ll need once the heartbreaking moment happens.

Talking to the experts allows you to find out about other items you may need to add to your preparations, such as contacting distant relatives. 


Even if you still have a lot of time together, knowing that a loved one’s life is heading towards its end is difficult for everyone involved. However, you all need to be strong for each other. Still, this shouldn’t stop you from seeking emotional support.

A mental health expert can help you cope with the challenges and emotions of seeing a loved one edge towards the end of their life. When your mind is in a stronger place, you’ll be able to maintain the positive exterior to comfort your parent through this time.

Quite frankly, doing the best for them is the most crucial element at this time. The fact that it’s beneficial for your life too is merely a bonus.

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