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When you are a mom squeezing in some me time can be hard. Between all the cleaning and all the work you have to do away from your family there is barely enough time to breathe, let alone give yourself a little self love. I have been learning that the hard way this Summer and one of the hardest hit parts of my body have been my feet. With all the walking, hiking, swimming and being in the heat they have seen better days. After this last camping trip they really needed some love and thank goodness Chatters was there to help me out with some great products to help me do some incredible pedicures at home!

Pedicures at home

I am not talking some toddler done pedicure that leaves you disappointed, I am talking top of the line at home pedicure. One that leaves your feet feeling soft and fully cared for even if you only have a few moments of alone time. Like I said, after my camping trip my feet needed some love so I got to work soaking them in the Footlogix foot soak that Chatters carries.

After soaking for 10 minutes I got to work scrubbing my feet with their Silkline foot file which got rid of all that built up camping skin my feet decided it needed while walking along a rocky beach for a week. Once scrubbed and buffed smooth my feet were ready for a little polish, in my case a simple red shade – my favorite toe color.


Once my polish had dried it was time for a little foot love and rub with the HEMPZ fresh fusions Sugarcane & Papaya moisturizer. Made to soften skin and calluses making it the perfect end to the perfect camping trip. Once you have put everything away, taken a shower and given yourself one of these pedicures camping is truly complete and you are ready to get back to it!

Or just back to the beach! 


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