Night Time Kayaking

Recently I was given a super fun chance to take my hubby on a wild experience. A little date night fun to chill out during all this wedding planning chaos and it was amazing. Thanks to Breakaway Experiences we got to go on a night time kayaking adventure and it was one of the best date nights we have ever had.

Night Time Kayaking After sending our kids off to the inlaws for a sleepover we packed up and got ready to hop on the water down on Granville Island with Vancouver Water Adventures. We were so excited to get out on the ocean water to watch the sunset and enjoy our glowing kayaks as we enjoy a 2 hour tour.

When we got there after our nice little nibble dinner they fixed us up with our paddles and life jackets and we got ready to jump in our boats. Our instructors were all super friendly and a great help when getting in the boats to there is no need to feel apprehensive or nervous about it, it’s great fun.

Once we were in our Kayaks we set off into the harbour to begin our trip all the way down to Science World and back.

Our goal was to work our way up false creek while stopping along the way to learn a few things along the way, then hitting Science world by night fall. It was a lot of fun and our group was great to hang out with for the evening, and being able to learn more about our city was a great added bonus.

But we were all waiting for night time so we can really get our night time kayaking adventure started.

Once it was super dark we sure did attract a lot of attention from the seawall walkers as well as from boats out enjoying the water. It was the perfect night to be out on the water, it was incredibly warm and everyone was out having a great time along with us. These photos don’t even do the night justice and I can’t wait to get out on the water more often this summer! We’ve had the pleasure of doing two experiences through breakaway and this was just as brilliant as the first one.

night time kayaking

Thanks again to Vancouver Water Adventures and Breakaway Experiences for giving me the chance to experience this with my hubby.


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