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Over the last few weeks I have had a big break on my PMS issues and it has been amazing to have one less thing to worry about in terms of my monthly ups and downs. I have spent years fighting an inner PMS dragon and I am happy to report I think I have finally found a way to tame the beast. Pascoe Natural Healthcare has shown me a new way to keep my mood and sleep in check.

Every morning I am met with way less of a groggy feeling, I don’t spend my nights tossing and turning every few minutes desperate to get comfortable. I can even manage to sleep through my hubby’s snoring on most nights, another obstacle in my sleep routine. Having the energy I need right when I wake up really has made a big difference in my day. My overwhelmingly busy schedule is never ending and when I needed to jump start myself with tons of coffee each morning to just feel functional it wasn’t doing me any good.

Each new day I now face with a feeling of “can do” even though my to do list is endless with Summer plans coming and a big wedding to plan. Being able to not burn out by noon has also been a huge factor in finally catching up on my workload – something that I often struggle with juggling kids and home.

My morning routine of Pascofemin has done wonders to my sleep but also for my moods. Where I started to only see improvements I have now noticed an almost absence. Granted I do still have moods but they are completely not related to PMS – they’re everyday and totally manageable and reasonable.


No more dragon monster for my family.

My monthly heavy feelings and flow have all but ceased and I couldn’t be happier. I can feel like a regular human being during my time of the month vs. the ogre I once was.

My family can now retire their pitchforks and torches and will live to see a peaceful time in the kingdom. For the dragon is at rest and the villagers are at peace. For as long as Pascofemin watches over the land peace will forever be upon them…

I would love to know what your biggest challenges are during your time of the month? Share your stories in the comments below!


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