Gastown Food Tour

Remember a little while ago when I was talking about the amazing Breakaway Experiences? Well we got to go head off on our own amazing little experience thanks to them and it was fantastic. Since my hubby and I wanted a fun night out together trying new things we decided a great food tour was perfect for the both of us. With a little research on their great website we decided to go with a great Gastown Food Tour that would be filled with great food and a bit of a history lesson.

Perfect. Booked.

Arriving at our meeting point we met up with a group of great tourists from all over the globe. Some from Britian, a couple from Japan and a group of older American ladies that were all adorable. We were clearly in for a treat with this crowd of bubbly folks and our tour guide was spectacular. These tours are guided by local actors and comedians so they’re always fun and filled with great info. I honestly haven’t learned so much in a long time – I even know what all the different brick colors mean in the Gastown area.

If you want to know the answer you will just have to book a tour yourself! 

We got to check out some of the most popular, most classic and most delicious food stops throughout the entirety of Gastown and all of us had an amazing time in the pouring rain eating everything we could! It was a perfect little date night and a great way to make a few overseas friends – the fish and chips were even declared brilliant by the Brits which made me over the moon happy. I can now head back to my new favorite chips spot anytime I like to get Britian worthy fish and chips!

A couple of my favorite stops were the Pekinpah and Soft Peaks but there were so many great stops including Steamworks that I just adored. All of them were great for their own reasons and getting to check them all out is a great reason to book a tour via Breakaway Experiences here in Vancouver or in your own city. They even have gift cards in case you are still in need of last second gift ideas for any occasion!

Have you ever taken a Food Tour before??


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