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You know what I love to do when I need to unwind, when I need inspiration and when I need a little bit of motivation? I love to listen to podcasts. I will listen to short stories with the kids at night to unwind some nights, I will listen to them in the tub when I am having a hard day and I will listen to them when I am just in need of a laugh. There is always a podcast for everyone and one of the best free sources for is Castbox and it is great. It is perfect for any of your podcast needs, whether you are listening in or broadcasting.

With their super easy to download app they make it even easier for you to listen to your favorite podcast on the go, at the gym or in the car as you commute to work. Wherever you need the inspiration or laugh. With its cross platform support it can easily be accessed from any where you might be or might go.

Podcast Needs
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For broadcasters their easy to use system makes it perfect for first timers or seasoned casters who want to reach even more audience members.  You can upload completely for free making it a great way to test the waters if you are just starting out. You can create your own podcast without having to worry hidden costs for your or your listeners. With 15 million users listening in to podcasts from all over this is a great place to build that relationship with your listeners as well as find new listeners and readers through their reach. A great opportunity for any online podcaster!

With their unlimited storage for broadcasters you never have to worry about plan upgrades or again, hidden costs. It has everything your podcast needs, created for you in mind and for your listeners.

I want to know: What are your favorite podcasts to listen to?



  1. I haven’t really got into podcasts yet because I had no idea how to listen to them the easiest. Castbox will help.

  2. I LOVE Podcasts. My favourite was “Serial” but I listen to “Brains On!” and “Stories Podcast” with my kids all the time. I haven’t tried the Castbox app. Will look into it!

  3. The resurgence of podcasts in the last couple years has been totally fascinating. I’ve been listening to Couples Therapy with Candice and Casey, the ID10T podcast (previously Nerdist), and Stacey Robinsmith’s A Dad in the Burbs. I dabble in StarTalk Radio and the Ground Up Show now and then too.

  4. I know so little about this it isn’t even funny. You’ve inspired me to learn more though!

  5. I have never listened to a podcast before! I think its because i dont know where to start! thanks for sharing about Castbox!!

  6. This is great I will have to check it out more in depth when I get home tonight and take my bath!

  7. I have to ask, what podcasts would you suggest?? As a noob I can find the list of endless choices daunting so its hard for me ot find anything I like 😀

    1. Author

      oh there are so many you need to figure out what you like, what I like and what you would like are probably very different oliver – but this place gives you the chance to check them out for free!

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