If your kids, daughters especially, aren’t already watching this show then you need to get them into it. This great series is all about women’s power and diversity of skills – plus is adds in awesome powers and some great lessons. They are basically one of the coolest female super hero teams ever and all the kids are raving about them; these awesome Mysticons.


This great genre-defining series is going to be all over the place soon enough, they already have a great line of action figures that I totally want to get my hands on. I know silly being a grown woman but these ladies are brilliant. Each of these girls was turned into legendary warriors and of course all these girls come from all walks of life. Filled with lots of fun and many challenges in battle and personally they really manage to kick butt the whole way.

The whole goal of the show is to showcase women’s strengths and how they can work together to overcome weaknesses. A great show for any little girl growing up in need of some girl power in her life. With a rich mythological history this show even takes the time to teach you a thing or two as well and you can catch this show on Sundays at 8pm E.T./P.T. on Nickelodeon! 

I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak at this shows merchandise and I know kids are going to love them, there are so many great things to look forward to: great action figures, trading cards, tattoos, masks and so much more!


Your little super powered girls are going to be all over these toys and there is going to be so much to collect and look forward to. Best part is these girls are strong willed and passionate – what all girls should be!

Which character is your kids favorite?


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