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If you are someone who travels often or have a kid making there way into college you might want to think about this amazing new Roku device. Our family has always loved the Roku systems for our house with all the amazing options and great kid apps they have. But this new device they have come out with is great if you are someone who travels all the time.

You want to know why it is great for travellers and college kids? 

This amazing little thing simply plugs into the back of your T.V. to give your Roku remote access to your whole account anywhere you are and at anytime. That means any hotel room you can plug this beauty in and access your whole Netflix account or find a great movie without getting charged. It also makes movie nights simple when you are in college so you can jump dorm to dorm bringing all the movies along with you without accidentally passing out your account logins!

BONUS these beauties are even paired with an app so you can easily plug in your headphones and listen without bugging anyone around you again great for travelling and for shared spaces! With that of course comes voice search options so you can browse without typing making it ideal for those of us who have a hard time making up our minds about what to watch.

roku streaming stick

These sticks make streaming seamless with it’s fast speeds and great picture quality – you wont have to worry about loading issues along the way at all. It is a great device to gift or buy which is exactly why I am giving you a chance to win one all for yourself!

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Just ENTER TO WIN for your chance at your very own ROKU STREAMING STICK contest ends June 5th, 2018!


  1. I think having a roku would be so convenient for watching all my old favorite movies and shows.

  2. Perfect for how we are always on the run!

  3. Because I don’t have a smart TV and want to watch Netflix on it!

  4. I would love to win this so I can watch Netflix (and find new channels to watch) on my tv instead of on my laptop.

  5. I want to win this because our cable company now requires Roku to view TV via their app otherwise you have to pay a lot of money per month for a box (you cannot use other devices).

  6. I would love to have one because my old roku streaming stick is super slow.

  7. I would love to have a Roku Steaming Stick so I can watch Netflix on my TV.

  8. Would like one so I can use it and watch tv shows on the tv downstairs

  9. I know very little about these gadgets, but I feel it’s time to upgrade from my current system which includes basic cable and borrowing DVD’s from the libraries.

  10. I’m a movie geek and it would be awesome to have stuff to watch 🙂

  11. I would love to eliminate our cable bill and stream to save money.

  12. I have no cable so this would be great to watch shows.

  13. I’d love a Roku streaming stick so I could find some older shows for my Dad to watch (we’ve seen every single Murder She Wrote, NCIS and Walker Texas Ranger).

  14. To be able to subscribe and view streaming channels that are either free or low cost

  15. I would love to have a Roku Steaming Stick so I can watch Netflix.

  16. We don’t currently have a streaming device. We just connect a laptop to our TV with an HDMI cable. It works fine, but really clutters up the living room.

  17. I would love to have this for my bedroom television so I can easily watch Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Video as well as enjoy the other Roku apps.

  18. I’ve not paid in cable for years so anything that helps me have content to watch is great to me.

  19. I just have a regular tv so a Roku would let me watch apps on it which I can not do now. I am forced to use my computer.

  20. I would love to win one of these because I have heard nothing but great things about them.

  21. I would love a Roku streaming stick so I can watch more shows with my family!

  22. Great for Netflix with my grandchildren! No smart tv at grandmas house 🙂

  23. We don’t have cable so it would be great to hook up a tv in the basement and have Netflix!

  24. i’d love to have this for when relatives visit

  25. I used to have one. I miss having it. I just know we are missing out on so much ! I read that there is a roku channel now and it has great movies and tv shows.

  26. Would love to have one as this would be perfect for family movie nights at home or away in inlaws or somewhere.

  27. This would be beyond amazing for so many reasons but honestly the app and being able to put on headphones is so appealing as I’m always up later than everyone and i don’t want to bug them so this would be a perfect solutuion

  28. I would love the convenience of watching my shows with this stick.

  29. My sister stole my Roku stick, so I’d love a new one

  30. I’d like to win this to make my son’s TV a smart tv! We wouldn’t have to keep buying DVDs.

  31. to cut down my cable costs!

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