mom's gym essentials

Going to the gym is a relatively new activity for me and it has taken a lot of getting used to and more prep work than I thought. After going for over two months and after lots of trial and error I think I have managed to get myself into enough of a routine that I am not forgetting things on either end at the end or before my workouts. I have come up with what I need in my gym bag to keep me sane, a mom’s gym essentials list if you will and I am happy to be sharing it with you now!

Simple Bag

You always have to think about what to put all your stuff into. You want something big enough to hold everything you need but small enough that you aren’t lugging around a TON of stuff. You want just enough and you want it to be easy to carry if you want to take this same bag on a hike instead of to the gym. That is why I went with a simple tiny hiking bag. It is big enough for all the things I need plus a few things I don’t. I can wear it on my back so I am left hand free if I want and it isn’t so big that is covers my whole back and makes me too hot. It is the perfect balance bag for any activity outside of the water.

Great Water Bottle

For me nothing is worse during a workout than your water getting warm inside your water bottle. I just can’t have this happen to me and every time it has it has made me painfully aware that I can only rely one of my bottles: My Swell and swell knock offs. These little bottles always keep my water ice cold for as long as I need it and I can’t seem to leave the house without it on this particularly hot days. Staying hydrated is super important when you are like me and probably spend more time drinking coffee than H2O on a good day. So if it is a challenge for you too make sure you are getting a water bottle that will help you drink more water whether its one with a flavor diffuse in it or just one that can keep your water ice cold like me – just make sure it is perfect for you.

Hand Sanitizer/Lotion

Regardless of how well things are cleaned or how well you wash up after a work out I always get dry hands that I feel aren’t that amazing after touching all the knobs I have to turn before I can leave my gym. Thankfully I found a little secret weapon that doesn’t dry out my hands and in fact actually leaves them feeling soft and amazing. My little hand sanitizer lotions from Chatters. It may be a silly thing but nothing is more distracting or irritating that dirty dry hands and keeping my cashmere or citrus scented buddies on hand makes me feel a little more at ease. Plus smelling a little better after a good workout.

mom's gym essentials
image credit Eschelle Westwood

Hair Ties and Lots Of Them

My hair is a wild and crazy monster all on its own making itself appear more like a mane than anything. Which makes it the most unfriendly hair for working out, no matter what I want I need to have my hair tied up and back the best that I can manage. Of course not many hair ties can survive this experience and I always found myself hitting the dollar store multiple times a month to stock up on more. That is until I found these amazing hair ties from my buddies at Chatters. They are perfect for keeping my hair in place and they never break when I am trying to put my hair up, they are even easy to take out too which usually comes with a little pain and a few missing hair pieces with regular ties.

Good Music

Sometimes my gym is the worst when it comes to music and that means I need to make sure I have some of my own. Thankfully all I need is my phone and a mini speaker if I am going with friends to help get the mood going. Having great songs that keep up with my rhythm is a huge thing for me, it can be the reason I am loving a workout and hating it. Thankfully, after going for a while, I have created the perfect list for myself and you can too with a little help and your phone. With this make sure you have a great Bluetooth speaker that is super compact and a great set of headphones in case you are sharing your gym space.

Workout Gloves

I didn’t think I was ever going to be one of those people who would want and NEED a pair of workout gloves. Yet here we are. My workout gloves are the reason I can touch any machine at the gym. The sensation of sweat on all the handles bothers me a lot and having the gloves makes me more comfortable less gross. My gloves also have a bit of wrist support which is important for me and makes lifting any weights a lot easier on my one wrist.

Those are just a few of this mom’s gym essentials, tell me what do you bring with you to the gym?


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