self care

When you’re juggling work, motherhood, fatherhood, a social life, sleep, housework, eating healthily, and a hobby (if you have time) it’s so hard to make time for yourself. No matter your workload, the actual time is there, the issue arises when you have to allow yourself to have that time away from all your other commitments. But you have to look at it this way; if you don’t look after yourself, how can you look after others? Spending time on you doesn’t mean hours on end neglecting tasks that need to be done, it’s about creating space in your life to for self care. You are entitled to a bit of pampering, a bit of alone time, some shopping or just and a bit of effort spent on yourself for no other reason than it makes you feel good.

Pamper session

Bubble bath, scented candles and a glass of wine – sounds like a scene straight from a movie. And the reality can be just as relaxing. Invest in some decent, natural bath bombs to help cleanse your skin all over, use a body scrub and make sure you moisturise afterwards. And take you time! Soak for a while and then massage the moisturiser into your skin rather than just slapping it on.

self care

Hair salon

Who doesn’t love a trip to the salon? A refresh on your cut or a root pop-up might be all you need, or you might want to try something new; cutting in some bangs, or finding out the difference between balayage and ombre and which suits you better. Relax and enjoy the gossip while you have your head massaged and hair treated and cared for.


Meditation doesn’t have to mean chiming music and ‘ohmming’, it can also mean a lie down with calming tunes and your favourite candles lit. Meditation is all about relaxing, breathing and letting go of any negative thoughts and feelings. Spend time clearing your mind, even repeating a wellness mantra to help live you feeling calm and centred before you dive back into hectic life.

Date night

Time for you doesn’t mean that you have to be alone – sometimes all you need is an evening away with your other half. Plan out an evening you can both enjoy – and don’t just stock to dinner and a movie, although that is a tried and tested classic. Go ice skating, or dessert tasting, go to a museum or the theatre, or to a gig or comedy club – the options are endless.

Paws and claws

A manicure and pedicure might be exactly what the doctor ordered. When you spend so much time rushing around on your feet, dealing with cooking, washing, cleaning and your day job to top it all off – your hands and feet take a beating. So take the time to have them taken care of with creams, paraffin masks, and polish. Every nerve in your body  has a link to the ones in your feet, so a good foot massage could really help ease aches elsewhere – but if that fails, throw in a full body massage while you’re there!

Tell me how do you make time for self care?


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