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If you were following me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook then you would know that I was up to some fun on Pink Shirt Day thanks to Metropolis at Metrotown. Metropolis was pulling of a massive day of kindness, good wishes and love spreading with the help of some influencers and lots of amazing kids! It was a day that I will remember forever and ever and will honestly always be one of my favorite days.

What exactly did we do at Metropolis Metrotown for #METmakenice?

Well the morning of February 28th we all met up early in the morning at the mall, right after school drop off, in the middle of the mall to get organized. Us bloggers and all the kids from a bunch of schools in the lower mainland were waiting to pull off as many random acts of kindness as we could inside the mall.  Metropolis was setting all of us up with gift cards so we could all run around making peoples day’s all over the mall. It was a beautiful experience and those kids, and us bloggers, sure did make the most out of those gift cards. Those kids were running all over the mall faster than I have ever seen before!

Metropolis MetrotownI think the only reason I got this above picture was because one of them had to desperately tie their shoelace. It was amazing to see all of these kids so excited to do good all over the mall – truly inspiring. It was great inspiration for us bloggers to really get our butts in gear with the $100 we were getting to play with.

Metropolis MetrotownWhat were some of the random acts of kindness we did??

Well first the lovely Tara from and I ran our sweet selves over to DavidsTea in the mall and asked them if they would like to add in to all the fun we were having. They were all for it and handed us from FREE tea coupons we could hand out with our pamphlets. Once we got our hands on those we decided to pop into Superstore for some carnations so we could hand them out to frazzled moms and older ladies shopping alone.

These little bundles of floral joy were the perfect way to start the morning off and break the ice with more than a few lovely people in the mall. Of course that isn’t the only thing we did with the money we had to play with. We went looking for some kids at the Disney store to see if we could make anyone’s day and both of us got to treat kids to a gift of their choosing, no strings attached. The kids might not have completely understood but each of the mother’s were beyond grateful we could help them save a little extra money.

Metropolis Metrotown
Image Credit Instastories!

It was such a wonderful experience being able to make some kids days and some mom’s days as well. After we did all the gifting we could in the Disney store we moved onto books. You guessed it we headed over to Chapters to hunt down some great folks looking for some new books! It was so great to surprise some unsuspecting adults first thing in the morning. Once our early morning gifting was all done the kids were ready to show off in the mall with an epic flashmob that all the kids pulled off beautifully!

Metropolis Metrotown

They looked like they were having an amazing time together dancing up a storm promoting kindness for everyone to see. I don’t think any of them, or myself, could have asked for a better day at the mall. It was an incredible day that I wish I could do every day. But it does bring up a HUGE question.

Why don’t we do this type of thing more often?

After all not all acts of kindness have to cost you a pretty penny. They can be as simple as buying a coffee for the next person in line, or holding the door open for someone, or heck actually walking someone across the street, maybe even help someone carry their groceries. There is no limit to the nice things you can pull off for others in your life each and everyday.

So take a lesson from our #METmakenice day at Metropolis, do something nice for something and spread the love!


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