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Being a mum can be hard, when you are running around after the kids all of the time and barely having chance to catch your breath it can be difficult to think about what pair of jeans you are wearing or what colour matches what. Most of the time you will find yourself throwing on the first item you can find and running out of the door. However, with some clever thinking and planning you can stay stylish even when you are running around after the kids.

Invest in your clothes

The most important thing to remember when styling your wardrobe is to invest in the clothes you want. Rather than running into the first store you see and buying 10 denim jackets, 4 dresses and 15 tops: you need to think about buying items you love and will rewear. By spending more time picking out clothes which will go with many different outfits, you will instantly make things much easier for yourself. It is better to have 3 pairs of amazing jeans than 10 pairs which you hardly wear at all.

Will it suit everything?

This is the question you must ask as you stand in the store looking at a price of clothing. How many occasions can you wear this for? There’s no point in buying a stunning dress if you have no occasion to wear it for. Think of items which you know you can wear on a day to day basis and which are also comfortable for you to throw on. For example a simple cotton dress can make all the difference when you want to throw something on in the morning.

Inject some colour

We know that sticking to the whites, grey and black is all too easy for you to do, but it can also mean your style is pretty boring. Try injecting a splash of colour into your normal wardrobe by buying a top or a skirt which is coloured. You could go all out with a bright red or stay subtle with soft pink or blue. Either way it will make a huge difference to how you look.

What’s Important?

If you are a stay at home Mum, the most important thing to you might be practicality as you do the chores and make sure that the home is clean and ready for when the family gets home, in this case fancy dresses probably aren’t your priority. However if you work in an office you may want to doll up your look a little. It is important to know what is important to you in order to dress for the occasion.

You can dress up!

Just because you aren’t walking down the catwalk every day doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun of dressing up. Being able to make ourselves look nice is something which gives us confidence and makes us happy, so why not? If you have a playdate in the park you can dress yourself in a simple tea dress, converse for practicality and style your hair in a braid. It will be simple but make you feel much more dressed up than if you wore a pair of jeans.

fashion tips
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Stay true to yourself

You don’t have to wear what everyone else seems as being attractive. If to feel good wearing sporty clothes such as a pair of yoga pants and a vest, then you do you. Be comfortable and you will feel much more confident in yourself.

Use patterns

When you are living with kids you can end up being covered in food, dirt and other things throughout the day, and patterns can be the perfect remedy for this. By simply, wearing a floral pattern or a checked shirt you can disguise these small spills and messes and still look put together during the day. It will be much easier for you to stay tidy when you have a pattern to disguise the mess!

Accentuate your best features

The most important thing when you want to style yourself is to remember to make your best features stand out. If you know you have great legs or an ample cleavage, let it show and buy clothes which accentuate these parts of the body. This will make you feel much more confident and attractive, maybe even feel a little younger too. Experiment with different clothing styles to find your fit and make use of items which are made specifically for your body shape.

What fashion tips do you have mom to mom?


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