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Choosing a wedding dress is one of the first things I did as a bride. Since my mother has passed I didn’t have to make my wedding dress shopping this big parade, which is nice as I am one of the few women who doesn’t enjoy this type of shopping. Most people will take all their girlfriends, their soon to be mother in law and mother to go try on dresses. Not me.

Regardless of how you go about looking for and buying your wedding dress there will be more than a few things to consider when it comes to style. Lots of factors play a part in a wedding and you want to make sure you look amazing and aren’t suffering due to your dress choice on your big day.


Before you even start shopping around for what kind of dress you want you need to have a solid date. You can’t start looking for a dress when you haven’t even figured out the details, don’t get ahead of yourself. Once you have that down it is now time to think about what you want vs. what is practical for the weather during the time of your wedding. If you have your heart set on a short sleeveless dress then you might want to rethink that middle of winter wedding. You also don’t want to be sweating up a storm at an August wedding in something that is heavy and long, the rainy season you might want to think about something without a train so you aren’t worried about your dress dragging and getting muddy. Dress for the weather or plan a wedding during the time frame where your dream dress will be appropriate. Even if that means eloping in Mexico and getting married in bathing suits, it is your day. Which of course bring me to location.


After you have factored in your seasonal dress requirements you will now have to think about how your dress will react to your possible venue choices and final venue choice. Will your wedding be on land or sea? Will that land be a mountain side? Inside? Near a lake? During your wedding date what is the condition of that location and so on and so forth. It is honestly amazing how many factors go into choosing your dress. Even your transportation needs to be considered in relation to your dress. If your dress is huge how will you get in and out, how many helpers will you need, how far away will the car/limo etc… be letting you out from the venue doors. What do I need to worry about, and how well can I adapt to any last minute changes in the dress I choose.

Enough to make your head spin.


For myself the color choice was something I was agonizing about. I am a very very very fair skinned woman and I am also not the tinniest figured lady. I was very worried about wearing a solid white. Solid white isn’t for everyone and nowadays more and more brides are starting to shy away from traditional colours for their dresses. So understand that if you really don’t want to wear white you don’t have to, it is your day and you just need to wear any dress that you feel like a queen in. For myself, though I wanted to stay closer to tradition, I went with a deeper champagne color. It will go great with my fair glow in the dark skin and my color scheme of white, blue and gold.


First off if you are buying a dress from a shop and all those little details costs start to add up you have to ask yourself: are they even worth it? So many times I have seen a bride add on small details to only have them fall off throughout their night of dancing, eating, drinking and general movement. Sometimes those little beaded details aren’t exactly what you bargained for, so are they even worth the additional costs in the first place? Details you might want to think about are shawls for strapless dresses in the winter. They can add a very elegant element to your dress while providing you with a little extra warmth in and out of venues and cars. It is also a simple way to avoid unnecessary dress add-ons for anyone who really wants shoulder coverage due to temperatures.

wedding Dress

Fit Over Size

For many women your size is a big sore spot. I don’t know a single woman out there that doesn’t get a little upset when they have to go up a size when trying things on in a store. Just remember that a wedding dress is a special anomaly type piece of clothing. It is a unicorn and therefore its size shouldn’t matter only its fit. Don’t be upset when you don’t fit into the size you want, only be upset if you can’t get the dress you want in the fit you NEED. Size doesn’t matter, only how incredible you are going to look in that dress. Only you and the person you buy it from need to know that number value.

For those of you who have done this big show before: what tips would you add to this list?


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