Any of you have sports fans on your list this year than I have a treat for you coming up. There’s something here in Vancouver that you call the BC sports Hall of Fame. It is a wonderful space for any sport Fan that you might have in your life whether their big or little this is a great place to go and take them for a day of learning and adventure.

Being able to learn about their idols and sport heroes gives you and your little sports fans wonderful bonding experience. So is giving an experience still on your list of things to get this year for your little ones or maybe your husband. Then maybe taking them to the BC sports Hall of Fame for a day would be a wonderful idea. If nothing else you can promise and a wonderful piece of merchandise only leave the area through the gift shop.


Of course today I have a wonderful little surprise for so many of my wonderful readers and probably their husbands. Thanks to the wonderful people at the BC sports Hall of Fame here in Vancouver British Columbia I am giving away four passes for one lucky reader. Giving you the opportunity to treat your sports fans to a whole day of sport idols, memorabilia and learning.

This could be an amazing daddy son day out just for them so that you can stay home with your feet up here and maybe a nice bottle of wine. Because being able to give experiences over the holidays is always more fun than more stuff. The best part is they have a brand new exhibit that your sport fans will be thrilled about, the new Sports Page area! The brand-new exhibit will feature dozens of different elements, including a re- creation of a Sports Page anchor desk, interactive trivia games, items of memorabilia, inside stories and anecdotes as well as artefacts related to both the show and the sporting events it covered. Making visiting now just that much more special for your partners and kids.

Entered below to when your four passes to the BC Sports Hall of Fame just in time for Christmas.

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Tell me who would you be bringing it to the BC sports Hall of Fame or would you be sending people?


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