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If you are like me you are rushing around like a crazy person already trying to get things done and ready for the holidays. With my holiday guide keeping me busy and my kids literally breaking out of their shoes, this month has turned into a whirlwind. I can barely keep up and to be honest I have put myself on the back burner completely.

Something that needs to stop, something has got to give and it needs to stop being the things I need to keep myself sane.

Like many mothers I can’t ever seem to put myself first, I feel guilty for the smallest needs or just wanting time to myself. I am a mother, I need to give, give, give right?? I need to put everyone else’s needs above my own….


We need to take care of ourselves above all, a burnt out, angry, tired mom makes for an unhappy household.

The easiest way to combat that? SELF CARE. 

I am talking the kind of self care that goes beyond actually get a chance to shower on the daily or the self care that goes beyond still wearing Pjs at school pick up. The kind of self care that makes you happy, makes you feel good and makes you strut your stuff to school pick up. This is why I want you to start thinking about what you need for yourself.


Maybe you want to get your nails done more often or for once in your life have them done by someone else for a change. Maybe you want to be able to have an hour to yourself everyday. Maybe you need to make the choice to go to bed earlier each night so you can get up early to enjoy that first cup of coffee in actual silence.

Or maybe it is more simple than that. Maybe you just wish you had time to get ready each day: hair, makeup and clothes. Maybe all you really want is the ability to pull yourself together with ease in the morning. Maybe you need a little Divatress help to make that happen Рto make it faster. Divatress is an online resource for thousands of human hair wigs and hair care products. Everything you need, cheap, and all in one place so you can finally feel pulled together without loosing your mind trying to do so.


Divatress is going to make it possible for so many to get ready and look like a million bucks with a lot less effort! Their prices are super affordable too which makes it great for those of us with a tighter budget. You can get the real quality at 1/2 the price and the quality is amazing. They have a style for every look in the book and products to help you pull off anything with ease. With great customer service to put the cherry on top this is a great place to build your “self care” collection of wigs and hair products.

Sometimes all you need to feel connect with yourself again is a great look to strut in!

Tell me which one would you want?



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