Fan Expo Vancouver

Every year I love to hit Fan Expo Vancouver for all the amazing booths there are filled with amazing geeky merchandise and incredible artists. This year I was even lucky enough to be able to take my youngest son with me and this year he got to go around and check out all the amazing stuff they had. Which is why this year I decided to let him take the lead and show off some of his favorite things he found at Fan Expo Vancouver this year. Of course I have added a few of my top picks as well!

Fan Expo VancouverWith so much to see my little guy was buzzing around Fan Expo Vancouver looking at everything every booth had to offer. He was meeting people and loving every bit of it – of course some parts of it were better than others according to him. His top moment of course was being able to interview Veronica Taylor but when it came to merch he had other favorites.

According to my little one fidget spinners are still cool because he couldn’t stop going back to this table to test out spinner after spinner. There was an endless variety and he wanted all of them!

AFX002Of course he was doing all of this sporting his Stitches of Green Minecraft Creeper mask, which everyone around him couldn’t stop commenting on. He also couldn’t help himself when he saw a computer with Minecraft at one of the booths at the Expo. It was hilarious watching my little Creeper playing Minecraft and a few people thought it was pretty funny too!

AFX004There was so much to do and Alex managed to see it all! There were a few places he spotted some great stuff he wanted for Christmas this year. He was shopping up a storm and was having a great time talking to all the artists, like this amazing octopus lady!

AFX006She made amazing headbands and stuffies and Alex wanted all of them, I mean who wouldn’t when they are this cute. She had so many different ones and the little ones that looked like spilt ice cream were definitely some of my favorites. They were all great ideas for stuffing stockings even the sailor scouts were getting them!

With so much to buy Alex’s head was spinning left right and centre – thank goodness we got to hang out there all weekend.

AFX001The endless amounts of amazing Pokémon stuff kept my little guy drooling and having adults there ready to talk Pokémon with him – he was in heaven. One of the best parts about Fan Expo Vancouver is how it shows kids that they can like whatever they want. There are no rules to who likes what,  you just come here to enjoy the experience and your fandoms in their purest form and without judgement.

23897222_10159631038965173_393633233_o Of course the Minecraft merchandise had my little one’s head spinning and his Christmas list growing at an alarming rate. I of course super wanted the Minecraft torches for the boys room décor as they would be brilliant! If you think about it you can also mount them so they are removable – giving them a torch to carry on bathroom breaks. I think they would be amazing for any kids room!

23960954_10159631038730173_1371436862_oAlex even managed to find the cheapest finds! These pokeballs were $15 at another booth but he found them for only $3 – just goes to show that being there a whole weekend is a good thing when it comes to being able to find the best deals. We even managed to get a mystery box by the end of Fan Expo for only $20 when they are $40. It was a great weekend and Alex had an amazing time running around and talking with everyone!

I even managed to find a couple things that I wanted to add to my Christmas list – of course I can’t remember who made either of these but they’re the most incredible things on earth and I will let them speak for themselves.

FX003FX002I mean who doesn’t want a tea cup hip holster?! You can be ready for a cup of tea at the drop of a hat and they are amazing – again all made by another amazing mom.

Did you hit up Fan Expo Vancouver? If so what did you find and love?


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