If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve certainly been seeing the term ‘hygge’ more and more, especially as wintertime approaches. Pronounced HOO-gah, the Danish word for comfort and coziness describes a seasonal ideal you can recreate with your wardrobe.

What the heck is hygge?

Typically used to describe Danish interior design, the hygge concept can be applied to practically anything. You mug of morning tea can by hygge-ed. You can hygge your whole day by reading in bed under cozy covers. You can even improve your overall winter experience when you add a touch of hygge to your wardrobe. Core concepts of hygge-fied fashion include wooly scarves, loads of black, fabulous knits, and multiple layers that create a ‘top bulky’ appearance, explain cold weather style gurus at Vogue fashion magazine.

Hygge essentials

One of the basic concepts of hygge involves layering. Why? Because several light layers are more effective at keeping you warm than one bulky layer alone. Start with a delicate innermost layer comprising undergarments made of natural fibers such as silk and cotton. Over that, add a body hugging garment with long sleeves and over that, an elegant tank top or sleeveless vest. Need another layer for a super cold day? Go ahead and add a cardigan.

The hygge look can be a bit somber with its overwhelming preference for tones of gray and black. That’s okay. Put on your most brilliant smile and brighten things up a bit when you sport a colorful Fair Isle sweater or a fanciful knit scarf, hat, and mittens set, so say fashion pros at The Fashion Spot magazine.


Footwear from fashionable to funky

Oversized sweaters are just right for hygge winter fashion. So are bulky boots such as fur-lined Uggs and rib knit Skechers. Ankle boots are not generally part of the hygge look, but any sort of boot or bootie can be made more comfy with the addition of over-the-knee cable knit socks and cozy boot cuffs from BCS Boutique Socks.

For at-home hygge, nothing beats a great pair of cozy socks. In fact, you can pull on two pair for an extra cozy, totally hygge footwear experience. Save your laciest babydoll lingerie for next spring. Now is the time to focus on utmost comfort while staying as cozy as possible. Thigh-high boot socks don’t have to be worn with boots. They work perfectly well to keep your lovely legs nice and warm as you hang out at home for the weekend.

More than anything, hygge is a state of mind. Take a look around right now, and you’re sure to notice all sorts of things you can work into your own personal concept of hygge comfort and coziness. If you have a fireplace, bring in some logs and enjoy the crackle and warmth. Learn to knit and whip up a batch of scarves to give away. Stay inside and enjoy the wonder of wintertime, hygge style.

Will you be sporting any hygge style this year?


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