Beauty and the Beast

If you haven’t heard me say it before I am going to say it again now: “kids these days get all the coolest stuff.” I feel like kids these days legit have it all, the prettiest, the loudest, the biggest of everything these days and the little kid in me is super jealous. The mom in me is thrilled that my kids get to have all these cool things and that they even let me play with them from time to time. After all I am a huge kid at heart, a true Disney baby in the truest sense of the word.

Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast Ballroom Belle $39.99

So you can believe it when I say that I have been just as obsessed with latest live action Beauty and the Beast movie like most little girls out there. And of course all the Disney baby moms out there. Each scene brought tears to my eyes because of its absolute perfection, everything was perfection.

When I heard that JAKKS Pacific toys was unleashing their Beauty and the Beast toys I was jumping for joy. After all me and JAKKS are pretty tight and they love to spoil me which is why they knew I was the perfect girl to test out their Beauty and the Beast toys this season. I had nieces and my inner child to spoil and couldn’t wait to see if the product description and images had done¬†Belle justice.

Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose Jewelry Box $34.99

I was not disappointed.

When they arrived it took everything in me to not tear apart their boxes like it was Christmas morning. My inner little girl was getting the better of me. I had to breathe, relax… be professional. I carefully removed them from their boxes and inspected the pure glory that each item possessed.

I marvelled at the Rose Jewelry box as is opened up its petals, sang to me and lite up in the most gorgeous way possible.

I twirled my fingers in the hair of the most beautiful Belle dolls I had ever laid eyes on, scared that I would ruin their complete perfection.

I fluffed dresses, repositioned, cradled and was completely taken back to a time when I was seven and this princess was my everything. Her wonder would fill me with hope and dreams of bigger things for my life. She never waivered and was always poised in her adventurer kind of way.

JAKKS Pacific toys really out did themselves with all these toys and I express to you enough just how perfect playtime with your princess is going to be with these additions.

Tell me what you loved about Beauty and the Beast!


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