If you’re like most moms, you probably wish you had more time and better organization in your day. Between domestic duties, raising kids and being responsible, moms often find themselves overworked and overstressed. Fortunately, there are a number of Android apps that make life a bit easier for Mom. Here are a few of our favorites.

Yes, there is such a thing as a free lunch

KidsEatFree is a great little restaurant app that gives instant info about nearby eateries that offer free or discounted meals for kids with the purchase of an adult meal. How cool is that? With KidsEatFree, moms can search diners, restaurants, and delicatessens by zip code or city name. Mileage and time-of-day filters make this the right app for finding free lunches, discounted dinners and on-the-cheap family breakfasts.

Speaking of feeding kids, MomsPumpHere app is right for new mommies and babies who breastfeed. This easy to use app reveals nearby nursing-friendly locations along with community reviews by other breastfeeding moms.

Delegate chores

Chorma and ChoreMonster are Android and iOS apps that help busy moms delegate domestic duties to younger family members. Each of these handy apps comes with a built-in incentive system that encourages kids to pitch in, says SheKnows parenting magazine.

The free MamaBear app provides an easy way for kids to check in with Mom and let her know they’ve safely arrived at their destination. With MamaBear, parents can restrict certain words on social media and monitor kids online activities. Parents of teenagers use MamaBear to keep an eagle eye on their teen’s driving habits. As an extra added feature, MamaBear also offers an emergency panic button that kids can use to call for help in a troublesome situation.


Moms on the move

TripCase helps busy moms organize imperative travel information in one easily accessible place. Available for iOS and Android, TripCase corrals flight times, tickets for attractions and car rental data and can send it all to mom’s email account. Dial a friend for driving directions and use a call recorder app for Android to take audio notes to refer to at any time.

HeyVina is only made for iOS at this time, but it’s a great app all the same. Moms who wish meet other local moms can meet each other with this app. Family Education magazine says this is a happy app that helps moms make new friends wherever they go.

Simplify your search for a local play place with Playground Buddy for Android. Look at street views of more than 200,000 different playgrounds in hundreds of cities around the globe. If mom comes across a great park that’s not included in the app, she can add it so other families can find the park, too.

Being a mom is one of the most wonderful jobs in the world. Children grow up fast, so any tool or trick that spares time and saves money can be a fine addition to any mother’s smartphone or Android device.

Plus if they’re going to be using devices all the time sometimes the best way to get through to them is through their online environment!


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