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As a blogger and social media marketer I am always guilty of a few things. These things sadly do have an impact on my day to day life, things that my friends at Posture Pump® can help with. What is it that I, and I know more than a few others, am guilty of?

  1. Always having my phone in my hand – meaning my head is always slumped and looking down towards my phone.
  2. Never sitting up properly when at my desk – creating kinks in my neck and back.
  3. Not sitting in places that provide support – since I do a lot of work remotely I bust out my iPad, laptop, and phones wherever I am needed, which usually means I am not sitting in an appropriate spot or way. Heck sometimes I am completely hunched using my tech on transit.
  4. Sitting too long – not moving and stretching when my body really needs it.

These are all things I know I am not solely guilty of and I know they aren’t all unique to my line of work. Everyone does one or two of these bad habits everyday which can create a large strain on our bodies. The constant discomfort and not feeling at your best can be distracting which can then take away from the quality work you are used to putting together. You are uncomfortable, therefore you rush and all around the snow ball effect of feeling poorly continues.

This is why I was so keen to give Posture Pump® a try, I needed an intervention for my own sanity. My constant sore neck and shoulders was definitely having a negative effect on me and my ability to work efficiently. Now that I have been using my little buddy daily at the end of the night since getting it I have felt some major relief throughout the day. Creating that supportive neck that I need in order to keep myself sitting up straight and stopping that computer neck kink I keep getting in its tracks!

Posture Pump’s® products can really help keep your neck feeling limber and get your posture back on point. They have items that can focus on just your neck and upper back, neck and lower back and full body care. These great at home systems give you a chance to find relief in the comfort of your own home. Of course, as with all things that involve your long term health you should always consult a doctor before usage to see if this is a good idea for you as well! It is always important to be safe so make sure you check with your doctor first as they know your medical history and risk factors, they can easily instruct you on whether this product is right for you or a member of your family.


So many folks out there have found relief with these great products and I know that you can too. Some quiet stretching with your Posture Pump® can really help add to your quality of life no matter what you might have gone through, read some of the reviews below and see:

“I was skeptical but had so much neck pain that I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try it since there was a money back guarantee. It works so well that I am amazed. It was worth every penny. I had gone to an orthopedic surgeon who said the only solution to my neck pain was a spinal fusion. This is definitely worth it.”

-P. Laird, NJ

“I find the Posture Pump® an exciting approach to self help. I have patients currently using this new technology and getting really good results from neck and back problems. These patients appreciate being in control of their own health destiny.”

– MS, M.D., Vice President of the American Preventive Medical Association, Santa Monica, CA

Posture Pump

There are so many of us out there that could really use this product in our lives, I know you can too! To snag one yourself head HERE and scoop one up!


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